Email naming convention for all staff are as follows: First initial of first name and full last name

Example: Jane Doe =

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  • Room 13

              Mrs. K. Ludkiewicz- Teacher
              Mrs. J.  Styckiewicz- Assistant

  • Room 14

              Ms. L. O'Connor- Teacher
              Mrs. A. Rheault- Assistant

  • Room 13A

              Miss. A. Jacques- Teacher
              Mrs. H. Payeur- Assistant

  • Room 14A

              Ms. J. Epaul- Teacher
              Mrs. M. Noftall- Assistant


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First Grade
  • Room 2

                Mrs. T.  Keefe- Teacher

  • Room 3

                Ms. A. King- Teacher

  • Room 6

                Mrs. S. Domina- Teacher

  • Room 7

                Ms. C. O’Connor- Teacher


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Second Grade
  • Room 4

                 Ms. T. Bushey- Teacher

  • Room 5

                 Mrs. C. Netzer- Teacher

  • Room 8

            Mrs. J. Knox
  • Room 9

                 Ms. A. Albertson- Teacher

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Third Grade
  • Room 17

                Ms. E. Smith- Teacher

  • Room 18

                Ms. N. Tougas- Teacher

  • Room 21

                Mrs. D. Gendron- Teacher

  • Room 22

                Mrs. B. D’Agostino- Teacher

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Fourth Grade
  • Room 19

               Ms. S. Stevens- Teacher

  • Room 20

               Mrs. C. Wilson- Teacher

  • Room 23

               Mrs. A. Galaska- Teacher

  • Room 24

               Mrs. C. Sample- Teacher

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  • Room 1

                Mrs. K. Dyer- Teacher

  • Room 15

                Mrs. P. Cavanaugh- Teacher             

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Resource Rooms
  • Room 11

                Mrs. A. Durocher- Primary Preventionist
                Mrs. N. Haglund- Assistant

  • Room 12

                Mrs. S. Aubrey- Reading Recovery
                Mrs. S. Thoelen- Reading Recovery

  • Room 16

                Mrs. D. Lyman- Intensive Math
                Ms. A. Kendall- Speech
                Mrs. L. Murray- ESL Teacher

          Special Education Teachers

                Mrs. P. McLaughlin
                Mrs. R. Typrowicz         




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Specials/Library Staff

Specials Staff

  • Ms. T. Chase- Science-
  • Mr. P. McAllister- Art
  • Mr. A Kimball- P.E.
  • Mr. P. Sawyer- Music

Library Staff

  • Mrs. J. Green- Librarian
  • Mrs. N. Brady- Library Media Assistant
  • Mrs. N. Haglund- Enrichment Coach
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Support Staff
  • Councelors
    Mrs. P. Jitov
         Ms. K. Kostek
  • Paraprofessionals
    Ms. E. Augusti
         Mr. K. Baptiste
         Ms. D. Fife
         Ms. A. Fortier      
         Ms. K. Gaughan
         Mrs. E. Jergensen
         Ms. M. Noftall
         Ms. A. Ottomaniello
         Mrs. H. Payeur
         Ms. A. Preston
         Ms. L. Preston
         Mrs. A. Rheault
         Mr. J. Veins
         Mrs. B. Walsh
         Mr. T. Zaremba
  • Cafeteria
         Ms. J. Racette - Cafeteria Manager
         Ms. C. Capriati
  • Cafterian Monitors
    Ms. G. Thompson
         Ms. P. Miola
  • Custodians
         Mr. Paul Charter- Head Custodian
         Mr. Bob Hadden
         Mr. Jeff DiDonato