The Clifford M. Granger School

31 South Westfield Street

Feeding Hills, MA 01030

Telephone:  413.821.0580

Facimile;  413.821.0595


School Profile 


At the Clifford M. Granger School,

our mission is to foster a lifetime love of learning

within a safe, positive and engaging environment

while empowering all students to realize their full potential

for social responsibility, a healthy sense of self, and academic excellence

through a curriculum reflective of our ever changing world.”

                           -mission statement

School Council 2009




The Clifford M. Granger School was built in 1949 with a large “all-electric addition” constructed in 1964.  Mr. Clifford M. Granger was a public spirited loyal citizen whose primary interest in life was service to others, the building of “strong moral, high attitudes, ideals of American citizenship and worthy accomplishment.”  He served as a member of the school committee between the years of 1914-1946 – for 32 years!


Our school is located in the Feeding Hills section of the city and is situated on the corner of South Westfield and Springfield Streets. Its most recent renovation occurred in 1995 and included a new library/media center, large kindergarten rooms, and technologically wired classrooms. In 2007 two modular classrooms were added to support special education programming.


At the Clifford M. Granger School we hold high expectations for the success and achievement of all our children, Kindergarten – Grade 4. We are an enthusiastic and close-knit school community dedicated to providing a quality instructional program for our students. The Granger staff works diligently to foster a positive school climate that ensures a child's opportunity to gain knowledge, develop self-esteem, and be motivated to attend and achieve. Our staff strives to foster individual initiative and build a network of open communication and teamwork between students, parents and staff.