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School Adjustment Counselor

Mrs. Heidi Jurasz

Counseling Paraprofessional

Miss Emily Fuller



Mission Statement

Counselors work together in partnership with the community to promote the development of each student's academic, social/emotional, and career potential. Through a comprehensive counseling program, counselors assist all students in realizing their abilities, interests, and goals as they transition through the educational process to become successful members of society and life-long learners.



Second Step

The Second Step program for Kindergarten through Grade 5 is a universal, classroom-based program designed to increase students' school success and decrease problem behaviors by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation.  

It teaches skills that strengthen students' ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems.  The Second Step program targets key risk and protective factors linked to a range of problem behaviors.  Equipping students with Second Step skills helps a school create a safer, more respectful learning environment that promotes school success for all.

Services Provided

We provide the following services:

  • Consult with parents regarding community resources
  • Short term individual or group counseling for issues that impede a student's success
  • Conduct classroom guidance lessons on topics such as bullying or managing test anxiety
  • Consult with teachers, adminstration, and parents to encourage student's academic and social/emotional success