Agawam Early Childhood Center Staff List

Email naming convention for all staff are as follows: First initial of first name and full last name  @ sign

Example: Michael Smith = msmith @ sign

Director                                                             Robin Fernandes
Secretary                                                          Chris Costello
Educational Team Facilitator                        Leanne Morrissey
Educational Team Facilitator                        Jennifer Donohue

Room 1
Teacher                                                            Lucia Ferguson
Assistant                                                          Mary-Beth Morrissey
Assistant                                                          Megan Mellis

Room 2
Speech                                                             Chrissy Colbath
Speech                                                             Jamie Flematti
Speech Assistant                                            Stacey Drew

 Room 3  - Direct Teaching Program 
Teacher                                                            Cindy Litz
Teacher                                                            Meaghan Sears
Assistant                                                          Heidi Cowles
Assistant                                                          Sarah Daglio
Assistant                                                          Kim DeBarber
Assistant                                                          Nikki Desroches
Assistant                                                          Shirleen Ferrara
Assistant                                                          Brandy Morreale
Assistant                                                          Tina Nascembeni
Assistant                                                          Kelly Potter
Assistant                                                          Krystalee Ryan-Kreig
Assistant                                                          Sharon Shayda

Assistant                                                          Courtney Drzyzga              

Room 4  
Teacher                                                            Liz Zerra
Assistant                                                          Christina Beauchemin
Assistant                                                          Louise Lombardi
1:1 Assistant                                                    MaryBeth Morrissey

Room 5
Teacher                                                            Michele Urbinati
Assistant                                                          Patti Dionne
Assistant                                                          Pam Horniak

Room 6
Occupational Therapist                                    Jen Castell
Occupational Therapy Assistant                      Jenn Cauley
Physical Therapist                                            Nancy Psholka
Physical Therapist Assistant                            Sue Gilpatrick

Room 9
Teacher                                                            Debbie King
Assistant                                                          Angie Zagura
Assistant                                                          Kathleen Brindle

Room 10
Teacher                                                            Melinda Conway
Assistant                                                          Joanna Ebreo
Assistant                                                          Kim Schwartz
1:1 Assistant                                                   Megan Mellis

Nurse                                                              Anna Kerkhoff

ECC @ Granger
Room 13

Teacher                                                            Lauren Cousineau
Assistant                                                          Jenny Whitehead
Assistant                                                         Cheryl Zampiceni

Room 14
Teacher                                                            Laura Czerpak
Assistant                                                          Amy Rust
Assistant                                                          Rachel Baptiste

Granger Direct Teaching Program
Teacher                                                            Trish Berthiaume
Assistant                                                          Kellie Adam
Assistant                                                          Lisa DeSantis
Assistant                                                          Courntey Drzyzga
Assistant                                                          Janelise Merced