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Creighton Williams Abrams Library at Agawam High School

Hours Monday -Thursday 7:05-2:30, Friday 7:05-2:00
Library's Mission of Support: As a learning commons, we support school programs and extend our resources beyond the physical space of the library's floorplan through connected virtual networks. Our goal is to ensure that all students are effective users of ideas and information in all formats as we support the school's academic mission and standards.
Policies: See Mrs. Mokrzycki for database passwords when needed, googleclassroom codes for the virtual help desk and whenever you need help. We follow all of the school policies and rules and expect you to do the same. You do not need a pass before, during lunch and after school.  See Mrs. M. for a pass if you are coming directly from the CAFE during luch to get down the hallway. Use digital books and check-out 3 books for 3 weeks.

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iSEEK Education is a targeted search engine for students, teachers, administrators, and caregivers.  Safe - Put your mind at ease with safe search technologies and editor-reviewed content.  Authoritative - Search hundreds of thousands of trusted resources from universities, government, and established noncommercial providers

DeweyDigger - numbers match the subject areas in a library

Mrs. M.'s LiveBinder of Subject Links

LibGuides Community - Search for links on every topic.

Google - all of the visible internet

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Social Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Business/Careers/Economics, Law
Social Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Business/Careers/Economics, Law

Classroom Videos on Demand for teacher and student use


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 Database of American History Beginning of the 16th century to present

U.S. History Database  

 Database of Modern World History Mid 15th century – present


  Database of World News 1940- present

 c 1000- present 

Database Credo articles and News 

Economics Database   

Wars Database                

Psychology Database 

Law Database              

Sociology Database    

LiveBinder on Sociology

Sociology - LibGuide

Sociology Resources

Holocaust and Genocide

Click here for all Databases by Subject             ​​​​​


Infobase Mid/High School Digital Online Books 

Salem Digital/Online Books 

Gale Digital/Online Books

Web Links

Library of Congress

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Mrs. M.'s LiveBinder of Subject Links

LibGuides Community - Search for links on every topic.

History Today rss feed

Podcasts for History










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Help from the librarian Mrs. Mokrzycki, for the Junior Career Research project:

Try these resources:

Click here to go to Salem Digital/eBooks Online for descriptions of specific Careers - Get the password from the librarian, Mrs. Mokrzycki

We also have printed books on the cart near you for these eBooks online.  See Mrs. Mokrzycki for help if you can't find them.

Click here to go to the website, Occupational Outlook Handbook for specific information about wage, work experience, employment outlook for an occupation and other very specific information about a job.


Here are some specific books about computer work:

Gale Principles of Programming & Coding

Multiple pages of LiveBinders for Computer Science



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Academic Standard 3

Agawam High School students will be able to research information using appropriate methods.

Student utilize a wide variety of search methods including library investigation, print sources, technological resources, and/or data base analysis, evaluate the reliability and biases of sources, choose appropriate and specific materials from a wide variety of sources to support their opinions, develop valuable products beyond assembling facts and create self-generated, insightful, properly-documented products.

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Featured Sites
Featured Sites

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

This site serves as a page of resources – an entry point to resources, ideas, tips from an educational technologist.

Dewey Digger


Students search by cloud tags in subjects-like an old library, but now it’s virtual…  

Digital Public Library of America

@  Discover 33,064,394 images, texts, videos, and sounds from across the United States

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Information for Parents
Information for Parents

Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Please contact me if you have any questions. My email is:


Mrs. Mokrzycki, Agawam High School Librarian

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Easier to Read
Easier to Read

InfoBits - easier to read database articles

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Audio Books
Audio Books

Search LiveBinder for Audio Book sites.

Search LibGuides Community pages for multiple sites.


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Program Guides:
We use principles from the American Library Association (ALA), the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), the P21 Partnership for 21st Century Learning, the Library Learning Commons Model, the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Student Standards, the Massachusetts English Language Arts (ELA) and the school's Academic Standards as our guides when we work with students.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Mokrzycki at