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Information & Policies
Information & Policies

Contact Mrs. Mokrzycki the librarian at 


The library was named after Creighton Williams Abrams, a former student of the school.

Library's Mission of Support: 

Our goal is to ensure that all students are effective users of ideas and information in all formats as we support the school's academic mission and standards.


Access, Resources and Areas:

The Agawam High School Library extends classroom learning, reading enrichment and support of the school’s mission, the academic standards and curriculum of the high school. The library’s areas support large, small groups and individuals who are doing homework, reading and conducting research on their own. The library is open before and after school, 7:05-2:45 Monday – Thursday and closes at 2:00 on Fridays. Students and teachers can access resources through the library’s web page from home, classrooms, and inside the library. Students can save research information into their google drive for later use.

Behavior: Students are required to follow all school rules while in the library. Pass System: 1. Students do not need a pass before or after school. 2. During class times, a student must present an individual library pass signed by their classroom teacher. 3. No group passes are allowed. 3. You must sign in and out of the library in the main sign-in notebook, and time-stamp your pass when entering and leaving the library.. Computer Use: Students use computers in accordance with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy – Rules for Computer Use. The library promotes responsible and ethical use of technology. Cooperation is expected. Book Loan Period: 1. Students may check out up to two books for a three-week period. 2. You may renew books for up to two weeks. 4. Speak to the librarian to renew a book. 5. You will need to provide a replacement copy or pay for a lost book

Mrs. Mokrzycki will stay any after school time if you need help.

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Parent Information
Parent Information

This website contains resources that your son/daughter can use to support their education.  Please contact me if you have any questions. My email is:

Mrs. Mokrzycki, Agawam High School Librarian

End of Year Summary

The library became a Library Learning Commons three years ago. See the following link for more information about this type of 21st Century learning community space:

The room’s design is evolving through repurposing of spaces including the set-up of a new science classroom (STEM connections), and a soon to be created language learning lab to support the Foreign Language and the ELL programs. The front student area is increasing in size in what will become a News feature gathering and work area for students. The teachers’ workroom will have additional computers in their workspace and the front office area in addition to being a testing, counseling, tutoring area will be home to a new student Writing Center and Career Annex. Several online career books were purchased to support the new pilot Career job shadowing research project for English 11 classes coordinated by Ms. Sheehan, the Career Center Coordinator.  Two other main areas support production, presentations, and communications for space not readily available in the classrooms.  Teachers have the opportunity and resources to use the library, its programs and resources to support their curriculum and instruction and Mrs. Mokrzycki advertises services, resources, and offers to co-teach and provide training on a regular basis.

The center offers: 10,392 print books, over 9,000 digital eBooks in all subject areas to update and provide multi-user access to any title in the online collection;

 Students and teachers have access to 48 subject information databases from the state, a specialized science database and multiple history and a new science database, as well as a specialized streaming video subscription that is aligned with curriculum. The library has 219 DVDs to compliment department collections. Reserve books are divided and presented to promote use of library resources, although fiction books continue to be ordered and presented in genre sections for students, only 40 books were checked out at the time of the NEASC study period.

Mrs. Mokrzycki, Library Media Specialist continues to teach her information literacy curriculum as originally documented on Atlas Rubicon and updated in regular documentation through the Grades 9-12 English Department classes.

The Agawam High School Library Learning Commons responds to the needs of the students and staff of Agawam High School and continues to support its mission and academic standards. The library media specialist with administrators, teachers and students regularly assess the program, resources and technologies of the center as a curriculum, learning and cost effective educational setting.

September 2019 - The Library has a new space! Mr. Stinson has joined the team as he offers a class in the IT Innovative Pathways program to help students become skilled at working in the computer equipment and network environment.  Come in to see the new spaces and places we have this year!





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