The Town of Agawam and the Agawam Public Schools in conjunction with Comcast and the Agawam Cable Television Commission are pleased to unveil the redesigned Agawam Public Access Television Channels. Our goal with the redesign is to offer two channels devoted to the needs of the community. The municipal channel will remain channel 15 and provides information and content that is relevant to the entire community. The Agawam Public Schools will now have its own channel, channel 12. This channel provides programming which highlights the activities of the Agawam School District as well as provides content devoted to the education of our community. Both channels have been upgraded to a new look which went live on Thursday, May 3, 2012.
The Town of Agawam and Agawam Public Schools are excited to expand the programing of both channels. Your input is vital as we work to provide rich content targeting each channels audience with bulletins, shows and movies. The new video production studio at the High School, also developed during this expansion, allows us to develop custom programing including live broadcasts of Town and School events. Students will be able to participate in the process of program development as part of their curriculum instruction. Agawam also welcomes the involvement of the public. This is your station after all!
We welcome any feedback that you have regarding these new cable channels. For channel 15, you can email feedback to or call 726-2833. For channel 12, you can email or call 726-1640. The channel schedule will be a work in progress. We appreciate your patience as we step through the process of expanding our channel content using this new and exciting platform.


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Shows to Watch

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