Important Message from the Students of Agawam Public Schools

Dangers of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

There is a growing concern in Agawam and nationwide about students Vaping and using E-cigarettes.  Our students and staff of the Agawam Public Schools have expressed this same concern.  Vaping and E-Cigarette products come in flavors that make them appealing to young adults.  These products are highly addictive and dangerous to your health.  Jake Wieners, a 2018 Agawam Public Schools graduate, created the video “The Truth Behind Vaping” along with students from Agawam Junior High to enlighten students, parents and the community on the dangers of these products.  We encourage you to click on this important video below.

The Truth Behind Vaping Video

If you need additional help and would like to talk with someone in the Agawam Public Schools about Vaping and E-Cigarettes, feel free to contact your child's teacher, guidance counselor or school principal for assistance.

If you want to know more about Vaping and E-Cigarettes, we suggest the following resources.  Click on the links below to view the resource.

 Juulers Against Juul Video by Jack

E-Cigarette Prevention by Catch

Making Smoking History by Mass Dept. Health

Shane Foundation Presentation

The Shane Foundation sponsored speaker Chris Herron to come and talk to students in Grades 6, 7 & 8 about the dangers involved in substance abuse.