Library Lounge

The library is a bustling place all year!  And we are making it better for you...this year we are renovating spaces so please be patient with us!

Students & Staff  utilize the space daily.  The Library is open from 7:50 to 2:20 each school day except for Thursday when it remains open until 3:20; students are expected to sign up ahead of time to reserve their spot afterschool. The library offers areas for collaboration and individualized work as well as teaching 21st skills. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the library during their Academic Support & Enrichment period to work independently in the library on their schoolwork, collaborate with their peers, or simply to sit, relax, and  read a good book!  And of course the lovely librarian, Miss Bruno, is readily available to assist students throughout the day!

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Gale Databases

Resources by Subject - access to online Encyclopedias and so much more!!!

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Agawam Public Library

Agawam Public Library Homepage- check out and see what your local library has for you!

Access the Public Library for additional resources using CWMARS

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Miss Bruno's Resources Just For You!

Library of Congress-great website to find primary sources & maps

PBS Media Learning-offers current events videos and more!

IDebate-in depth website to get multiple views on current topics of around the world.  

Commonwealth of Massachusetts-gives you access to Mass General Laws

CIA World Factbook-this valuable resource provides a wide variety of factual information from world history-maps and world statistics and so much more.

Channel One News- offers a variety of current event videos & activities

Finding Dulcinea-referred to as the "Librarian of the Internet"-offers reliable resources of world events.

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Get your facts straight!

The following links will help you figure out fact from fiction! Great way to see if you research information is accurate!

Real or Satire

Utilizing Chromebook?  Or a Chrome User? Add this extension for even easier fact checking!

Official Media Fact Checker Icon


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Newspapers & Magazines

Boston Herald in Education-provides articles & curriculum support activities

The Republican-local paper e-edition.  Please see system administration for log in information.

Boston Globe Database-offers articles on archived news from 1980 to present.

Science News for Students-student oriented science news articles.

Consumer Reports Magazine

Discover Magazine

Natural History

Smithsonian Magazine

Disney Family Fun Magazine

Food Network 

Skateboarding Magazine

Sports Illustrated-Kids


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Cite your work!

It's is important when you research that you give credit to your sources.  You can use the following websites that assists you with creating citations in the proper formats.  They are both easy to use!

Easy Bib

Bib Me

Please see Miss Bruno if would like help with how to create proper citations.

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Tech Resources for Learning, Teaching & Creating

Create your own word cloud - great way to show off your vocabulary and key concepts! 

Free Rice - fun way to practice vocabulary and promoting free ducation while helping world hunger.

Flashcard Machine - for students & teachers to create flashcards to teach good study skills and strategies.

Kids Blog - help improve writing skills in a controlled & safe manner.

Schooltube - An easy way for students to post, view, and share their own videos online, without the risk of inappropriate content. 

Teachertube - It's YouTube for educators...

Storybird - create "short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print." Using the images provided by artists and illustrators, students can write and design their own online books working alone or collaboratively with classmates

National Geographic Education - this website a variety of tools and resources to help you plan your lessons.

Newseum - offers free learning tools on media literacy and our First Amendment freedoms.

Common Sense Media-provides unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology appropriately

Adobe Spark - With Spark you can easily create high quality reports, research papers, posters, writing assignments, presentations and so much more. See some examples and resources below to discover how your classroom creativity can be enhanced.

Doctopus & Goobric - Doctopus gives teachers the ability to mass-copy (from a starter template), share, monitor student progress, and manage grading and feedback for student projects in Google Drive

Coggle - This website creates graphic organizers.

Plickers - Quick way to get student feedback or introduce topics.

Socrative- Another great way to gather feedback and assess student knowledge.

Kahoot - Learning Games: create your own and access pre-made activities from the Kahoot Library.

Spider Scribe- Online Mind Mapping and Graphic Organizers.

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Educational Games

Learning and Reviewing can be fun!

Funbrain offers a variety of games and online books! Can choose different levels of reading and learning!

FreeRice fun way to practice vocabulary, grammar, geography, math and so much more while promoting free education while helping end world hunger. 

Read, Write, Think offers a crossword puzzle builder as well as pre-made crossword puzzles designed for all grade levels K-12.

Sheppard Software test your geography skills. Great fun for all levels-challenge your friends and parents too!

XP Math Test your mental mathematics skills?! Think you can do it?

BBC SkillsWise increase your grammar and spelling skills!

National Geographic Kids always entertaining and you may learn something new!

Vocabulary.Com "The most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary!"

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Sra. Roberts' Assignment Resources

Use the following links to help you complete your activity.

Christmas in Spain

Word Reference link to translate words...

Video about Dia de los Muertos

Website for research:

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WSU Anne Frank ASE Activity

After reading the Diary of Anne Frank, take the tour of the house.  Click the following -Anne Frank Extra Credit Activity; don't forget to submit your answers to receive credit!  Any questions please see Ms. Bruno!  

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Viking Quest

Click here to access the BBC Viking Quest.  If it doesn't work in Chrome browser try Internet Explorer.

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Critical Literacy Cross-team Debate Topics & Resources

Crit Lit Cross Team Debate Topics

1. Should college athletes be paid to play?

2. Should animals be used in medical research

3.Should scientists try to bring back extinct species

4. Is it disrespectful not to stand for the National Anthem

5.  Should Native American school mascots be banned

6.  Do law enforcement cameras reduce crime or invade privacy

7.  Should Women serve in combat positions in military                                                                    

8.  Gun Control

9. Do video games cause more harm than good?

10. Capital Punishment ( Death Penalty)


11. Cell Phones in Classrooms


Also, checkout out "Miss Bruno's Resources Just for You" and "Gale Databases" for background information and fact finding links to support your arguements!  Need help? Don't hesitate to ask!

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Career Day Questionnaire

In preparation for 8th Grade Career Day in December; please click here to complete the questionnaire.

Renaissance Learning Assessment

Click here to access the RTI assessment.

MCAS Review

Click here for to practice for upcoming MCAS- MCAS Practice Tests

NEW! Library Availability Calendar

There is an online  calendar (view only) for library availability to assist you with your planning!  It is a shared calendar called "Library Reservation Book." If you would like to reserve an available space please email/see me.

Thank you, and as always please feel free to see me if you have questions or would like assistance!

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