Distance Learning Resources For Parents

Distance Learning Schedule

The following schedule has been created to help teachers and students organize assignments and balance workload.  This schedule is when new assignments will be introduced and/or assignments are due for a given class.  Click here to download PDF of schedule.  Teams/Teachers are also available daily via email as well as holding LIVE virtualy classrooms and Google Chats.  

Term 4 Grading Rubric & Expectations-

As we continue with Distance Learning for Term 4  we have established a grading rubric. During Term 4 teachers will move forward with new teaching and learning assignments.  Please refer to the Distance Learning Assignment Schedule posted on our JHS Homepage for further information.  Click here to download the PDF of our grading rubric.

Parent Guide - Google Classroom-

Distance Learning will be done via Google Classroom and Plusportals.  Teachers will post assignments and/or hold LIVE/recorded virtual classes.  Students are expected to complete assignments and are encourage to participate in virtual classes.  Below is parent guide to help navigate Google Classroom.


District Privacy Disclaimer-

Please read...

The Agawam Public School District is utilizing a remote learning opportunity which includes the use of video communication and technology-based classrooms. It is important that we continue to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of our school community, our teachers, and our students. There are students with and without disabilities in our web-based classrooms. By participating in remote learning today, you agree that you may not share this session or any information from this session. Agawam Public Schools also agrees that we will not share any information from this session with third parties. The rules in school apply to this remote classroom experience. Students must treat each other with respect during our time together and must obey school rules. If you or your parents do not agree to these rules, please disconnect from this session and contact the principal of the school. 

Office Hours-

Junior High School staff are available Monday through Friday - 9am to 11am - by appointment; please call during office hours or contact Mr. Donovan by email.  If your child is in need of a chromebook please notify Mr. Donovan via email.

All teachers and counselors are available via email daily, Monday through Friday.  Teachers are also available virtually via Google Meet/Hangouts; please contact teachers/counselors directly for schedule of days/times.  



Student Material Pickup Schedule & Procedures

Student Pickup  is ONLY If you received an email / notification, that you have items that were left in your lockers, have medication or have a Sonny's Place field trip reimbursement coming back to you.  We have scheduled times by teams to drive up and pick up their items along the front curb of the building

Curbside Pickup Procedure:

  • Follow signage posted and staffing out front to help with the traffic flow. 
  • Form a single car line for safety and efficiency. 
  • Once you pull up to the curb
    • Give your student's last name and confirm their team assignment. 
    • Staff members will radio in and bring out your items and hand them to you, or load them into the back of your vehicle if that is safer for you. 
    • Please do not get out of the car, our staff will assist in loading or handing the items to you. 
    • Nurse's station - at the beginning of the line, for any family that needs to pick up their medication. Just a reminder that medication and reimbursements can only be released to a legal guardian or parent.
    • Field trip money station -staff will be returning funds paid for Sonny's Place this year.  Please provide last name and Team to them ...

We also ask...

  • follow flow of traffic continue along the curb in front of the school and out through the main drive to the traffic light at the top of the hill
  •  do not park in the front parking lots.
  •  follow the direction of staff members as you enter the drive-through pick-up area. 
  • return any textbooks or library books to the designated area

The schedule for pick up is as follows:
Tuesday, May 12th:

  • 9 - 11 = TEAM UMASS
  • 11 - 1 PM = TEAM UCONN
  • 1 PM - 3 PM =  TEAM AIC

Thursday, May 14th:

  • 11 - 1 PM  = TEAM WNEU
  • 1 PM - 3 PM  = TEAM WSU

Friday, May 15th:

  • 9:00 AM - Noon = Extra Pick-Up Date for any family that can't make scheduled date and time.

PTO Officers 

President- Laura Joanides-E-mail

Vice President- Sarah Santucci-E-mail

Treasurer- Kristy Consolini- E-mail

Secretary- Kristie Luke - E-mail

Teacher Representatives - Erin Hurley King and Antonia Moore 

Meeting Minutes

PTO meets monthly on Tuesdays in the cafeteria at 6:30 pm; please see School Calendar for exact dates. All are welcome to attend.  If you are interested in volunteering but can not attend the monthly meetings please contact the PTO President.  Meetings dates are subject to change due to weather. 


Section 504 Manual

Click here to download a PDF of our District's 504 Manual.

School Lunch & Breakfast Program

Click here for the School's Menus

School Bus Routes

Click here for Bus Routes

PTO Alternative Fundraiser

PTO is offering an alternative way to raise funds for the Junior High.  Click here to download the form.

Junior High School MarchLunch Menu

Click here for the PDF of our school lunch calendar for the month of March