Principal's Message

At Phelps Elementary School, the entire school community is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for each and every student. The highly dedicated and skilled staff at Phelps are focused on providing exemplary academic instruction and social skills growth for all students. We are focused on ensuring that students leave our school, meeting or exceeding state and individual goals related to their ability to read, write, comprehend, and apply mathematical concepts and strategies.

As part of our vision, we are dedicated to the following action steps:

  • Students are encouraged and supported as they become increasingly confident and independent

  • Learning is viewed as a journey, where a growth-mindset is adopted and students are commended for their progress

  • High-standards of performance are set and achieved for all students 

  • Respectful behaviors are fostered through opportunities to build relationships among all members of the Phelps community 

Each of these actions steps are connected to the Phelps PBIS motto - Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible. Under this motto, which is evident throughout the Phelps experience and environment, students are able to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally as they are treated as belonging to all of us.

Mrs. Karen Albano

Principal, Benjamin J. Phelps Elementary School