Linda's Bench

Mrs. Ulrick was a teacher in Agawam for over 46 years!  She started her teaching career at Robinson Park School and retired in 2016 from Doering School.  Within these decades she taught many of us - including our superintendent, Ms. Hoffman!  Mrs. Ulrick was ahead of her time and was a scientist when women were not encouraged to make that a career - she truly was groundbreaking!  

After she passed away in 2020, the Doering School community wanted to do something to honor her dedication and love of teaching and held a dress down day to fund a bench/plaque for all to enjoy and remember her.  Three character traits that would best describe Mrs. Ulrick would be dedicated, smart, and creative.  Dedicated to her students and district - she lived and breathed education.  Smart - did you know she was part of the Commonwealth’s MCAS planning team for science?!  Creative - she often came up with poems and songs to celebrate an important event in a staff member’s life.  

Her love of life and learning will always hold a special place in our hearts as something to live up to and remember fondly.  Always remember - “Science is a verb!”