PBIS: CULTURAL DRESS DAY - Students show off their heritage and pay tribute to diverse cultures around the world as part of Doering School's Inclusion/Diversity Week activities.

DECEMBER 4TH - PBIS STUDENT OF THE MONTH - Congratulations to Katherine Cote, grade 6.

PBIS: NOVEMBER 15TH - TEACHER OF THE MONTH - Mrs. Carrie Fisk, 5th Grade Teacher (Room 207)

PBIS: DECEMBER 4TH - TEACHER OF THE MONTH - Mrs. Erica Shlosser, 5th Grade Paraprofessional (Rooms 201 & 202)

Congratulations!  We appreciate everything that you do!

Mrs. Carrie Fisk and Mrs. Erica Shlosser
Mrs. Pam Franco and Mrs. Denise Nostin.


Our Doering school nurse of 10 years, Mrs. Denise Nostin, has retired effective last Friday, November 30th.  She will be in school a few days this week to assist our new nurse, Mrs. Pam Franco, and to finalize reports and answer questions concerning students that may arise. Mrs. Nostin spent 2 days last week with Mrs. Franco as well, acquainting her with students, procedures and protocols and to ensure a smooth transition. Mrs. Franco has a wealth of experience in both the private health care field as well as in school nursing.  

I know you join me in wishing Mrs. Nostin a long, healthy and happy retirement and that you also join me in welcoming Mrs. Franco to our staff. 

Happy holidays!

Mrs. Federico

MUSIC ASSEMBLY - The incredibly talented Berkshire Hills Music Academy performs for Doering Students to kick of Inclusion/Diversity Week - December 3 through 7, 2018.  

PBIS DANCE PARTY - November 21, 2018.  Students cashed in their Doering Dollars to participate in PBIS dance party hosted by our in-house DJ - Mr. Zachary Scherpa.  

NOVEMBER 15TH - STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Liliya Serada (5th Grade) and Margaret Ireland (6th Grade) pictured here with Adjustment Counselor Mrs. Karen Cree.  

TAKE A VETERAN TO SCHOOL DAY - Thank you to all of our Veterans who shared the day with us on Wednesday, November 7th at Doering.  Click here for more pictures.  


Please click the link below to see the phases of the Doering Drainage Project along with the anticipated time frames of the phases.

Please subscribe to the link below to receive important information concerning the Big E Bridge Replacement Project.


To ensure the safety of students, in conjunction with the police department, the town engineering department, school department and bus company, the Roberta G. Doering School has instituted a comprehensive student drop off and pick up plan.  Starting on the first day of school, all buses will access school grounds through the Town Hall parking lot and stage in the drive on the Town Hall side of the school in the morning and afternoon.  The front parking lot will be closed off to all traffic for morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Student drop off will take place by driving down the left hand side drive off Main Street, around the back of the school, then down the Town Hall side drive to the front door where students will exit cars and enter the building. There will be a brief wait on the rear parking lot at 8:19 when buses will enter the Town Hall side drive alongside the school, in 2 phases, to let students off.  After buses leave the grounds, student drop off will continue at the Town Hall side front door. Student pick up will occur in the rear of the building on the parking lot. Parents will be able to enter the left hand side drive beginning at 2:30 p.m. and stage in lines designated by cones on the rear paved lot.  After buses are loaded and leave the school grounds, students will exit the rear of the school on the Town Hall side when they will walk to cars for dismissal.  Walkers will also be dismissed after buses leave.  Please note that auto traffic should not enter or leave through Town Hall nor should they park at Towne Insurance Agency at the corner of Reed Street.  There will be ongoing bridge construction in this area beginning after the Big E.  Your cooperation in instituting this plan will be appreciated as we work to ensure the safety of students, staff and parents.  


Susan Federico, Principal - Roberta G. Doering School

The students at the Roberta G. Doering School have been extremely fortunate to have a kind, caring, dedicated Student Support Service Staff over the past several years.

The Student Support Service Staff have provided the backbone to a staff that has worked diligently to establish an outstanding school culture. Our motto of Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible has been embraced by students, staff, parents and administration.

Counselors have adopted the Massachusetts Model for School Counseling Programs which helps prepare students to work toward the goals of being college and career ready when they graduate from High School.

Susan Federico
Roberta G. Doering School


Dec 19
PBIS Spirit Day- Pajama Day
Starts: 12/19/2018
Dec 20
PBIS Spirit Day - Wear Red or Green
Starts: 12/20/2018
Dec 21
1/2 day of School
Starts: 12/21/2018
Dec 21
In School Sing Along - 5th Grade (students only)
Starts: 12/21/2018 @ 8:38 am
Ends: 12/21/2018 @ 9:23 am
Dec 21
In School Sing Along - 6th Grade (students only)
Starts: 12/21/2018 @ 9:26 am
Ends: 12/21/2018 @ 10:11 am

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