• PBIS Kick Off

  • Mr. Bernier's Pep Talk

  • Getting Excited about Positive Behavior

  • Students Signing the Pledge on the Playground

  • Signatures


  • Robbie is down with PBIS

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Counselor's Mission Statement

Counselors work together in partnership with the community to promote the development of each student's academic, social/emotional, and career potential. Through a comprehensive counseling program, counselors assist all students in realizing their abilities, interests, and goals as they transition through the educational process to become successful members of society and life-long learners.

Mrs. Carrie Egerton

Adjustment Counselor

close-envelope_318-30028.jpg  cegerton@agawamed.org

phone-volume.png  413-821-0582 (press 4 for Counseling)


Mrs. Christy McGurn

Counseling Assistant