From Michael Theroux, Health Director for the Town of Agawam:

Massachusetts has revised the travel order for those individuals fully vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer or Moderna and one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  If 14 days have passed since completion of your vaccination series and you are traveling to or returning from another state you no longer need to quarantine (provided of course no symptoms) or get tested.  If you have been exposed or develop symptoms you must be tested.

 If a fully vaccinated person travels and returns before the 14 days have passed from your last vaccination, you must quarantine the 10 days.

Travelers with an incomplete vaccination history or no vaccination history must get tested 72 hours before returning to Massachusetts or get tested upon return and wait for the lab results before returning to work or activities.  If they do not get tested they must quarantine for 10 days. A PCR test will be required to return to work/school, NOT a rapid test, unless it is a rapid PCR test.

Children 10 years and younger do not need to be tested provided that their legal guardians or parents that traveled with them get tested within the 72 hour period. For more information and questions related to the Travel Advisory please consult

Thank you.