Opt in

Hello Phelps Families,

Here is the opt-in form for students to participate in our at-home antigen testing.  This form is for Phelps students only.  

Please refer to emails from Superintendent Hoffman regarding specific details of the new program.

Here are a few bullet points:

1. Tests will be distributed to students who are opted in on Mondays.  Tests will be put in student backpacks.

2. Each box contains 2 tests.  Therefore, tests will be distributed bi-weekly.

3. Students should test every Wednesday morning.  Positive tests should be reported using this google form and CDC guidelines should be followed for isolation.

4. There is no reporting of negative tests.

5. Students who were positive in the last 90 days are encouraged to not test as the antigen test could still yield a positive result.  Parents can opt-in students at any time and new lists will be printed for each distribution.

6. Families need to opt-in separately for students to be tested in school if they become symptomatic.  Here is a link for testing consent.  This looks similar to the test and stay consent, but needs to be completed again for symptomatic testing.