Learning is so much fun at the ECC! We learn colors, letters, numbers,shapes and how to socialize with our friends. Way to BEE at the ECC!
8 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
gross motor time
reading buddies
Building blocks
Open House talking
We have been very busy at the ECC! Students are starting to get comfortable with their school day and smiles are everywhere! The drawings were held for our backpack and gnome giveaway! Students were picked to help us draw names. Winners will be coming home with prizes soon. Enjoy these pictures of our students.
8 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Selfie with Miss Cindy
Drawing a name for one of our gnomes
And the winner is....
I won the Oscar the Grouch gnome!
Granger ECC Open House is tonight from 6:00-6:45 PM (Perry Lane ECC has Open House on October 14th). Parents of our Granger pre-K students are welcome to attend. Find out what our program is all about and meet the amazing team! We will enter through the door that our students do at the back of the building. Masks are needed for to enter the school. We hope to see you tonight.
8 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Orientation fun and photos continued...
8 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Here's my pen! I finished the gnome hunt.
Miss Melinda speaks to her students and families.
Miss Liz's class
We made friends.
Orientation and gnoming fun! Orientation photos continued....
8 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Miss Cindy is gnoming around!
Hi Nurse Anna!
FUN, orientation and gnome hunting at the ECC! Students and their families had the opportunity to visit the ECC, meet their teachers and visit classrooms. They also had fun completing a gnome hunt. Each gnome held a flag of a different country representing families that make up the Agawam school community. It was gnome FUN!
8 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Meeting the teaching team
Gnoming around
I found them!
Thanks for helping dad!
Hello ECC families! We cannot wait to see you at our orientations this week. Granger ECC Tuesday, 9/7 8:50-9:50 AM session 12:30-1:30 PM session ECC Perry Lane Wednesday, 9/8 9:00-10:00 AM session 1:00-2:00 PM session Orientation is an opportunity for you and your child to meet your child’s teacher, classroom teams and see the classroom. This is a great time for children to become acquainted with their teacher and their school. We also have a fun gnome scavenger hunt for you to take part in with your child. :) There will be an auction to take a chance and win some fun gnomes and backpacks. For each non perishable food item you bring in to donate you will receive one ticket to be entered into a drawing for a gnome or backpack. (One item = 1 ticket, 2 items = 2 tickets, 5 items = 5 tickets….you get the idea.) We will be donating to a local food pantry. This is a part of our community collaboration. Don't forget to bring in your family quilt paper piece that was included in your assignment letter. We are making an ECC community quilt. See you soon!
9 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Sample backpack prize
Recently, the ECC team met to plan for our upcoming school year. We were asked to build a structure using spaghetti. What!? But we conquered it!Through communication, collaboration, thinking outside the "spaghetti box" and teamwork we did it! Teamwork makes the dream work! We are so excited to welcome back our students and families. See you soon Agawam ECC!
9 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
It takes a team to build a structure out of spaghetti.
Go Team!
Can you hold this piece of spaghetti? Who has the tape?
You cut the tape. I'll make a triangle. If you build it we will win!
What's the BUZZ? The Agawam community has BEEs BUZZing on their lawns. So much fun! Do you want to send a BUZZ? Call the ECC 413-821-0597.
9 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
The ECC summer bootcamp wrapped up last week. On the last day Miss Debbie's and Miss April's students celebrated by making shaved ice. It was a yummy treat on a warm day! Can't you tell by the smiles?
9 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Shaved ice is amazing!
Shaved ice is amazing!
Shaved ice is amazing!
Agawam is "BUZZing" with hives of bees. But, don't worry...this is a fundraiser for the ECC. :) Do you want to send a "BUZZ"?
10 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Buzzing a home
Buzzing our friends
Let's have some BUZZING fun! Do you want to send a FUN message to a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker? Send a "hive" of bees with a message that tells them "You've Been BUZZED!" This is a FUNdraiser for the ECC. Contact Cindy at 413-821-0597 or csykes@agawamed.org for more information.
10 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Buzzed 1
Buzzed 2
Buzzed business
buzzed school
Good morning ECC families! We hope you are enjoying your summer time. Have you been anxiously awaiting the letter informing you of who your child's teacher is in September? Do not worry as we will be sending them out the first week of August. In the meantime if you have any questions do not hesitate to call Miss Cindy at the ECC at 413-821-0597 or email csykes@agawamed.org.
10 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Fun stuff!
Good morning Agawam! The sun is up at the ECC. We hope you are enjoying your summer months.
10 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Sun is up!
Students in Miss Debbie's, Miss Pam's, Miss Alicia's and Miss Tina's classroom decorated aprons today using their feet. They painted a bee. "Way to BEE at the ECC!"
11 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
How do we stay cool at the ECC? Students had some water and bubble fun under our tent. Check out these happy, smiling and cool faces.
12 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Bubble FUN!
At the Car Wash!
Sea Animals
Way to BEE at the ECC! As a part of our PBIS model, our students earn parts of a bee in their individual classrooms. Then they add bees to our whole school hive. We are happy to announce, we filled the top portion and it is time to celebrate our accomplishments! Miss Laura's class is shown in the picture. They earned and placed the last bee.
12 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Miss Laura's Class
What a beautiful day to be enjoying the fresh air and playing/learning outside. Students from the ECC had a great time during their gross motor time. Smiles were a plenty!
12 months ago, Cinthia Sykes
Outside fun
ECC student, Umar F. brought in and shared two books with his class about the holiday, Ramadan. His classroom teacher, Miss Laura read the stories to the class. Great job Umar!
about 1 year ago, Cinthia Sykes
Good morning ECC families! Please see the link below for a note from Nurse Anna. Have a nice Friday! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BU7hjBYgxlsgPWLbImTxXvSi_8YXtHLO/view?usp=sharing
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